10 Best Binge-Worthy Shows That Have Something for Him & Her (PHOTOS)

Jacqueline Burt Cote | Dec 11, 2015 TV

cersei lannisterThe couple that binge watches together, stays together! Okay, we don't have any studies to back that theory up, but personal experience leads us to believe that there's no better way to bond with your significant other than obsessing over a TV show. The question is, which series will be most appealing to both you and your man?

Because try as you might, you'll probably never convince your guy that the Kardashians truly need keeping up with (and try as he might, you'll probably never really "get" WWE Raw). That's okay, though: There are still plenty of great shows out there that men and women alike can become equally addicted to watching. Click through to find your new fave!

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  • Game of Thrones


    Image via HBO

    If ever there was a show truly designed to appeal to both genders, GoT is it: Dudes get to geek out over extended battle scenes featuring frozen demonic zombies (and freak out over the extended nude scenes featuring actual porn stars in some cases); gals get to star at Jon Snow and play Cersei Lannister wine-drinking games. Win-win!

  • The Americans


    Image via FX

    Sell your sweetie on the spy storylines while you secretly lose yourself in the family drama. Both of you will love the idea of parents living exciting, suspense-filled double lives!

  • Marvel's Jessica Jones


    Image via Netflix

    It's a superhero show (so he loves it) with a strong female lead (so you love it). You'll both love to hate David Tennant as Kilgrave!

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  • The Affair


    Image via Showtime

    Watching a show about infidelity with your partner might seem like a recipe for trouble, but The Affair is about more than just a marriage in trouble: There's murder, intrigue, and (of course) plenty of sex! Plus, it'll remind you both how lucky you are to have each other!

  • Master of None


    Image via Netflix

    Aziz Ansari's new Netflix series didn't just get nominated for a Golden Globe for nothin' -- the comedy is so endearingly human that men and women alike will laugh (and cringe) along with every character equally.

  • The Walking Dead


    Image via Gene Page/AMC

    Zombie guts galore for your horror-loving man, DARYL DIXON and RICK GRIMES for you. Did we mention DARYL DIXON and RICK GRIMES?? Because also DARYL DIXON and RICK GRIMES.

  • Fargo


    Image via FX

    Just nominated for a Golden Globe (Best Television Series, Drama), Fargo has plenty of gruesome crime scene action, but it also has clever writing, stunning cinematography and stellar performances. All of which have major appeal for both sexes!

  • Ash vs. Evil Dead


    Image via Starz

    A TV show based on the classic horror films featuring tons of gore and a lead character with a chainsaw hand might not sound like your cup of tea, but hear me out, ladies: It's hilarious, and Lucy Lawless (a.k.a. Xena, Warrior Princess) is in it, too!

  • Better Call Saul


    Image via Ursula Coyote/AMC

    If you and your partner bonded over Breaking Bad, then spinoff show Better Call Saul is the next logical step in your TV watching relationship: It's slightly less violent and more cerebral than BB, but just as compelling. 

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  • The Grinder


    Image via FOX

    It's rare that a straight-up network sitcom comes along that's worth setting time aside to watch, but this one has snappy writing and a double shot of star-powered nostalgia both you and your man will appreciate thanks to stars Rob Lowe and Fred Savage. (Neither one of whom has aged. At all.)


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