14 Craziest Things That Jenelle's Mom Barbara Evans Has Ever Said

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Listen, there's no doubt that Jenelle Evans has put her mom Barbara through the wringer and back. But truly, Babs is one of the greatest things that the Teen Mom 2 franchise has given us. From her sassy accent, to her penchant for mispronouncing key words, to her ranting and raving when she's had it with Jenelle and her antics -- Babs has had some of the best one-liners on reality TV. It's true! Let's take a look ...


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All the Teen Moms have complicated relationships with their parents. It's sort of part and parcel of having a young, pregnant teenager who stars on a show on MTV. But things have always been heated between Jenelle and her mother Barbara. 

Is it bad to say that their tense back-and-forth as mother and daughter has given us some laughs? Well, we can't help it! The two have constantly fought about Jenelle's drug use, boyfriends, and even the many times Jenelle has gone to jail. But Babara's hilarious soundbites make it ... not sad? Funny? Funny. Barbara is truly, truly funny.

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Let's take a look at 14 of our favorite things that Babs has uttered. She's the gift that keeps on giving!

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