Lisa Vanderpump Thinks Kyle Richards Needs to Stick Up for Herself

When Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards vacation together, it's basically the most glamorous holiday on the planet, but that's not to say it's without drama. At least this time, the women aren't completely at odds with each other.


Kyle has been invited, disinvited, and, apparently, invited again to her niece Nicky Hilton's wedding due to some major family strife. Lisa basically wants her to buck up and tell her sister Kathy Hilton to kiss it. This does not sit well with Kyle.

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In a truly awkward dinner scene, Lisa reiterates how ridiculous the situation is between Kathy and Kyle and kind of won't let it go. The fact that Kyle's husband Maurizio and two of her four children aren't invited to the wedding is just another clear indicator that the former child actress should skip the festivities all together. Except Kyle doesn't agree.

Considering how shady Kathy has been to Kyle and the difficulties with their other sister Kim Richards, we totally get why Lisa would feel compelled to stand up for her friend. Someone should, considering her own family seems to be giving her grief.

Kyle appears slightly guarded so far this season when discussing her family, probably because there's quite a bit of turmoil that her sisters don't want to be made public knowledge. We're curious to see if she opens up more throughout the rest of the episodes or tries her best to stay mum.


Image via Michael Larsen/Bravo

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