Jenelle Evans Is Reportedly Quitting 'Teen Mom 2'

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Over Teen Mom 2's six seasons, many of the cast members have threatened to quit the show at one time or another. But what if we're actually losing one of the main cast for real this time? Recently, Jenelle Evans said she's quitting Teen Mom 2, and there's no way to tell if she's serious or not.


So how did it happen? According to OK Magazine, Jenelle announced that she was quitting the show on Twitter when she tweeted about the fact that Nathan Griffith plans to return, even though they're no longer together. Since then, though, the tweet has been deleted.

Per the magazine, Jenelle's tweet read, "Well keep on doing that and filming with @MTV like u guys have been. Attention seeker. I'm done with the show."

She later added, "Isn't #TeenMom supposed to be about being a teen parent?!! I'm confused, the focus seems like it has shifted." 

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Is she "done" like "over it," or is she "done", like walking away from the show forever? Unfortunately, Jenelle hasn't expanded on what she might have meant by her tweet, and the fact that she deleted it does make things seem a little sketchy.  

We can't imagine a Teen Mom 2  without Jenelle (or her hilarious mom, Barbara) so we hope she isn't being serious. 

MTV, don't let Jenelle go! She makes us mad sometimes, but it wouldn't be Teen Mom without her.


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