Gilmore Girls Cast Then & Now: Who Has Changed the Most?

Lorelei and Rory
Mitchell Haddad/Warner Bros.

Dear Netflix, the collective squealing over the plans to bring back the hit WB series Gilmore Girls isn't going to stop until we actually see Stars Hollow's coolest people back on our TV screens. That's how much we love the show, 15 years after the first episode aired. While we wait to see whether Rory and Jess somehow get back together or Lorelai and Luke can make it work, here's a peek at what the show's cast has been up to since the series ended in 2007. 


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Spoiler alert: Rory got married IRL, and a certain cast member is now a huge movie star. Want to see where everyone else landed? We've scoured the Internet to find our favorite family from Stars Hallow, and all their friends, including Sookie, Lane, and Dean. We can't bear it -- our excitement level is through the roof. Because let's get real, we 100 percent had a livejournal dedicated to our favorite TV show and we are darn proud of it! Want to see what the cast is up to IRL? We got the lowdown on where everyone is today. 

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Read on to see where all our favorite characters ended up, after Rory graduated from Yale and went to work for President Obama, and Lorelei and Luke finally got together. 

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