Leah Messer Is Reportedly Getting Even More Serious With Boyfriend TR Dues

Leah Messer's main concern these days might be her custody battle with Corey Simms, but it sounds like there's something to be happy about, too: Her relationship. Supposedly Leah and boyfriend TR Dues are getting serious, so hopefully that means she's getting plenty of extra emotional support during this time! 


According to a report from In Touch, not only are Leah and TR already living together -- and have been since just a week into their relationship -- but it definitely sounds like her exes aren't happy about it. 

A source close to the situation told the mag:

When mutual friends told Jeremy about this new guy, he called Leah and flipped out for letting a stranger hang around Addie.Leah initially denied the relationship, saying that they're not official, but then confessed that something's going on.

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But now, it sounds like they really are dating, and that things are going well, so if Jeremy's unhappy with the relationship, it doesn't seem like TR is going anywhere. However, it's hard to blame Jeremy for being wary about who's allowed to be around his daughter, especially if TR is already living there. 

Leah's obviously struggled with relationships in the past, especially with Corey and Jeremy, so hopefully it works out for her this time! 

Image via MTV
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