Jenelle Evans & Her New Boyfriend Are Already Living Together

Jenelle Evans is known for moving fast in her relationships, but this is really fast. Apparently, Jenelle and boyfriend David Eason have already moved in together, and things seem to be going well so far. 


Recently, Jenelle talked to RadarOnline about how different her relationship with David is compared to the relationships she's had in the past, and that the past 2 months she's been with him have been some of her happiest ever.

Also a good sign: They "haven't bickered once," and if you watch Teen Mom 2, you already know it's pretty rare that Jenelle finds somene she doesn't fight with! 

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Oh, and when she compares him to her ex, Nathan Griffith? She says her mom, Barbara, likes David way more, and David is more willing to commit to her than Nathan ever was. 

The only semi-shocking thing Jenelle revealed is that she and David have been living together for a month, which means they moved in pretty early in their relationship. In the past, moving too fast has always cursed Jenelle's love life, so hopefully, that doesn't happen this time, too! 

"He helps out so much around the house," Jenelle told the site. "Before, everything was put on me. But now, even when he gets home from work after a long day, he's still helping. He's not sitting down relaxing. He's still going."

It's good to hear that David and Jenelle are getting along so well. After all, she deserves a prince after all the frogs she's kissed. Fingers crossed it works out this time!


Image via j_evans1219/Instagram

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