Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer Might Already Be Married

It's only been a couple weeks since Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer got engaged, but what if they're already married? This week, Chelsea and Cole might have been on their honeymoon.


Since just after Thanksgiving, Chelsea has been sharing tons of photos from her gorgeous Puerto Rico vacation, but it does look suspiciously like a honeymoon, as her fans have speculated in the comments. And she's been tagging her posts with #DeBoersDoVieques ... sounds like a married couple to us!

� #DeBoersDoVieques

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It wouldn't be surprising if Chelsea and Cole decided to tie the knot in private over the holiday, and then take a honeymoon while nobody's the wiser. What better way to celebrate your marriage in peace than keeping it a secret? 

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More clues: Chelsea has already revealed that she wants her wedding to be "small and intimate," which it definitely would have been if it already happened and flew totally under the radar. Unfortunately, the only people who can answer these questions are the bride and groom themselves, and so far, they're not talking.

Hopefully, if they are married, they'll fill us in soon ... and share plenty of pics. We need to know what Chelsea's dress looked like! 


Image via chelseahouska/Instagram

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