Sean Lowe Dishes About Why He & Catherine Really Did 'Marriage Boot Camp'

You're never too in love to not be able to profit from marriage counseling -- that's the healthy attitude Catherine and Sean Lowe took when they agreed to participate in Marriage Boot Camp, a reality TV show that helps couples work out their differences. But what, exactly, went stale in their relationship?


Catherine and Sean, who got engaged on The Bachelor, have taken the opposite approach of fellow success story Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth by not shying away from accepting additional reality TV proposals. The couple had fun on Celebrity Wife Swap and have since made the call to join the Season 4 cast of Marriage Boot Camp, where they'll hold nothing back as they explore the positives and negatives of their union.

Before you shrug this off as another publicity stunt, a source told Radar Online that Catherine and Sean actually have a super solid reason for putting it all out there for public consumption:

They just went on the show because they want to start a family. And before they do that, they wanted to make sure that any unspoken or unforeseen issues that would come up, would be handled and be gotten through before they bring a new baby into the world. It was a preventative and strengthening measure and that’s it.

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Unfortunately, that sweet tidbit contradicts with what Sean revealed on his website about also agreeing to shoot the two-week reality show because he and Catherine would earn lots and lots of money for (let's face it) what amounts to a little bit of work. As he revealed:

I still wasn’t on board, but they had my attention. I went home that afternoon and shared everything that transpired with Catherine. To my surprise, she was much more open-minded than I was about the whole idea. This came as a surprise to me because Catherine never gives much consideration to money (it’s one of her best traits). 'It might make our marriage even stronger,' she said. 'And the money will be a blessing too.'

So there you have it. You could argue that, if they were truly concerned for the health of their relationship, Catherine and Sean could easily find a therapist and attend private marriage counseling sessions. I agree -- but, facts are facts: their celebrity status allows them to reap benefits like these (free counseling, a chance to live in a house with other celeb couples and learn from them), so why shouldn’t they take advantage of it?

Apparently, the show has worked wonders for them and they feel their relationship is even stronger after the work they did, both in front of and behind the cameras. So, that can only mean one thing: expect happy baby news in T-minus 3, 2, 1…


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