Chris Soules Thinks Ben Higgins Will Be Better As 'The Bachelor' Than He Was

Now that December is finally here, we can officially say that Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor is happening next month -- yay! This time last year, we were gearing up to see Prince Farming in action, and we have a feeling this season is going to be a lot different. In fact, Chris Soules says that Ben Higgins will be a better Bachelor than he was.   


While talking to Extra about Ben's impending Bachelorhood, Chris admitted that he's hoping Ben doesn't get as much flack as he did for smooching so much ... and that he has a feeling he'll do a way better job at finding love on TV.

Even though Chris was a pretty good leading man, we're hoping he's right. After all, his romance with his final pick, Whitney Bischoff, was shortlived, so hopefully Ben and his new love won't meet a similar fate.

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It does seem like Ben and Chris are a little chummy, though, so maybe we'll see him on an episode this season? It would be awesome to see them reunite on TV, especially if Chris wanted to stop by and offer a few words of advice as someone who's been there, done that before.

Besides, maybe that will help Chris fall in love with one of Ben's castoffs. He hasn't dated in forever, and he needs that happy ending! 

January, get here fast. We can't wait to find out if Chris is right about Ben being an awesome Bachelor ... and we have a feeling he is! 


Image via souleschris/Instagram

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