Jenelle Evans Has a Real Mess on Her Hands After Her Instagram Was Hacked

If you follow Jenelle Evans on Instagram, you might be wondering why the Teen Mom 2 star's username mysteriously changed. There's only one explanation: Jenelle's Instagram got hacked, and now, she's trying to deal with getting the hacker off her account.


Jenelle's handle mysteriously changed from j_evans8209 (Jace's birthday) to j_evans8208, and the old handle has already been claimed by somebody new. Then, the hacker started sharing an iPhone 6s giveaway, and added a pretty sketchy link to her bio. 

And as soon as she realized what was going on, Jenelle wasted no time in hopping on Twitter to explain the situation to her fans.


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What a bummer for Jenelle! As of Wednesday morning, it seemed like she was still unable to gain control of her account, and that her efforts to communicate with Instagram about the hack aren't going so well. 

Hopefully the hacker doesn't do anything crazy like delete her account. It would be awful for her to lose all the photos she's posted ... and more than a million followers. 

Good luck, Jenelle! Here's hoping she's able to get back on Instagram soon!


Image via PBandJenelley_1/Twitter

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