Leah Messer Might Have a Decent Chance of Regaining Custody of the Twins

Will the Leah Messer/Corey Simms custody drama ever end?! Although primary custody of Ali and Aleeah was awarded to Corey last month, that could be changing soon. Apparently Leah Messer might get a new custody hearing, where she'll have the chance to turn everything around.


According to Radar Online, Leah was able to prove that she has always been on time getting her girls to school -- which wasn't exactly what Corey's paperwork had said -- and because of this new evidence, she may be able to get a second shot at pleading her case.

Reportedly, Leah was able to verify her own personal records with the girls' superintendent, and the board "admitted they were wrong." 

So what happens next? The source says Leah "has a really good chance of bringing this to the court" and using it to get Ali and Aleeah back in her home for good. 

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If Corey did fabricate the records, it's not going to be pretty, especially now that Leah has proof that it happened. A judge might be interested to hear the story, and may end up being on Leah's side, since we have a feeling lies don't always go over so well in court.

Whatever happens, hopefully it doesn't affect the girls too much. They're too little to understand a lot of what's going on, and we're hoping that the constant fighting between their parents doesn't happen when they're around!


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