Kaitlyn Bristowe Responds to Shawn Booth Tweeting Other Women

Kaitlyn Bristowe knows her relationship with Shawn Booth is the real deal, which is why a little thing like corresponding with other women via social media is no big deal. Shawn is reportedly tweeting other women, and Kaitlyn is totally aware of it -- and had the perfect response to his online behavior.


As we all know, the former Bachelorette star and the man who won her heart and final rose have been inseparable since the show's finale. They lived for a while together in Vancouver before relocating to Nashville, where they currently reside. They're engaged and reportedly committed to making wedding plans after the new year. Both of their Instagrams are a passionate tribute to each other and their relationship. It's pretty obvious there is zero trouble in paradise here.

But Shawn recently tweeted this cute message to some female fans, who appreciated his attention:

And Kaitlyn didn't miss a beat. She quickly tweeted an adorably funny response about how she feels like "chopped liver."

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It's 100 percent obvious that Kaitlyn is just kidding and doesn't feel the slightest bit jealous over Shawn's original tweet. How could she? His every thought seems to be of her and she returns the favor by waxing poetic about him whenever possible. The fact that the former dance instructor can be playful about Shawn giving attention to other girls shows she is confident and secure in their relationship.

And I think we all know Shawn must feel good about Kaitlyn -- after all, he had to watch her date a slew of other men before she chose him. But, at the end of the day, he was the lucky one. These two are solid.


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