Chelsea Houska's Dad Sets the Record Straight About Who Paid for Her Engagement Ring

When Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer finally got engaged last week, the bride-to-be wasted no time in showing off her gorgeous ring. But since the diamond on the ring is so huge, fans had their doubts that Cole bought the ring himself. So what's the deal? Don't worry, we have answers. Randy Houska slammed rumors that MTV paid for Chelsea's ring -- once again, Randy to the rescue! 


It all started when Randy tweeted about seeing his daughter for the first time since her engagement, and how Cole "did good" on choosing her ring. A fan tried to correct him, saying, "you mean MTV did good?!?" and Randy wasted no time setting the record straight.

There you have it, guys: The money for the ring came straight from Cole with no help from MTV whatsoever. 

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Of course, it wouldn't be that shocking if Cole had a little help from the network. Shows like The Bachelor fund engagement rings, although those engagements are totally 100 percent for the sake of the show. And it's also not shocking that he bought the ring himself, either. After all, Cole's no millionaire, but he does have a steady job, and there is such a thing as credit. He could have easily funded this purchase on his own, so give the guy some slack!

It's good to see Randy stick up for Cole, especially since he hasn't always been the first to approve of Chelsea's romantic choices in the past (cough cough Adam Lind cough cough). He seems over the moon for his daughter, and it's awesome to see. 

Congrats, Chelsea and Cole! The ring is gorgeous, regardless of where it came from. 


Image via chelseahouska/Instagram

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