Sean & Catherine Lowe Are Headed to 'Marriage Boot Camp'

Of all the past Bachelor couples who haven't worked, there's one who definitely has: Sean and Catherine Lowe. They've been married for almost two years, and it seems like they're blissfully happy together -- but are they? Sean and Catherine have joined Marriage Boot Camp this season, and it sounds like they're ready to work on their relationship. 


While talking to People, the couple fondly known by Bachelor Nation as SeanCat admitted that being on the show is going to allow fans to see certain details about their lives that they prefer to keep private, and for that reason (and plenty others) it sounds like they were pretty far outside their comfort zones.

Need more details? According to what Sean told the mag: 

We're thrown into a house full of people that are very loud and love conflict and that is totally not us. Catherine, she kind of convinced me to stay because she really had a heart for the people. I kind of jumped on that bandwagon a couple days later.

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And if you're worried going on the show means they're struggling with their marriage, don't be. As far as these two are willing to admit, it sounds like everything's good -- but as Catherine says, "you have to continue to get better."

It's good to know that they're just looking to improve an already great relationship, and it'll be interesting to see inside what a marriage post-Bachelor really looks like. We loved them both on the show, so we have a feeling this won't be any different!  

Looking forward to seeing Sean and Catherine back in action as much as we are? Marriage Boot Camp premieres on December 4 on WeTV. We can't wait!


Image via seanloweksu/Instagram

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