Corey Simms Accused of Lying to Get Custody of the Twins

Since Leah Messer lost her girls to Corey Simms earlier this month, their custody battle is all that we've heard about. But what if things aren't exactly as they seem? A new report says that Corey may have cheated to get custody of Ali and Aleeah, and it sounds like Leah's pretty sure that forged records were involved. Yikes! 


According to a report from Radar Online, a source close to the couple says that Corey and his new wife, Miranda, are good friends with the twins' teachers and that they called in a favor to have the teachers mark the girls as absent or tardy if it was a day that Leah was responsible for getting them to school. And if you ask Leah, she denies that they were late often -- in fact, she thinks the records that show that they are have been forged.

If this is true, that's a pretty serious accusation ... and if Ali and Aleeah's teachers are guilty, they could find themselves in serious trouble, as could Corey and Miranda. It seemed like this custody battle was already a huge mess, but could it be getting even messier now?

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Since the hearing that granted Corey primary custody, Leah has seemed determined to get her girls back, and she's maintained that she's always been a good mother to them. It's hard to know who to believe from the outside looking in, but we just hope that things work out for the best possible outcome for the girls.

Forging school records? That's sure to crank up the drama big-time. We'll sit back and watch it unfold ... and hope it doesn't affect Ali and Aleeah. They deserve to be happy, without their parents fighting.


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