Leah Messer Can't Contain Her Jealousy of Miranda Simms

Whoa. The feud between Leah and Miranda has been raging for months, but have we finally gotten at the core of the issue? Leah Messer tweeted about her regret over an ex, and given the context, it has to be about Corey Simms and his wife Miranda.


The Teen Mom 2 star tweeted this song lyric on Monday, and given everything that's gone on in her life, it looks like she's actually jealous of Miranda Simms.

I got the boy and she got the man? Dude, that has to be about Corey, right? Leah has had a lot to deal with in recent months with him, including the fact that he got full custody of their twins Ali and Aleeah Grace, and he and Miranda welcomed a new baby daughter Remi.

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Even the songwriter, Jana Kramer, acknowledged that it was written about being in a relationship with someone who wasn't ready to be in it. Now that Corey and Miranda have custody of the twins, and have their own baby daughter, we can't help but think Leah meant this tweet for him.

Leah has a lot to overcome, including her relationship with Miranda. Hopefully, this tweet from her has a lot to do with acceptance and understanding!


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