'RHOA' Stars Cynthia Bailey & Peter Thomas Get Raw About Their Marriage


We've seen a lot of relationships crumble on reality TV, but we don't think there has been a more raw conversation between a couple than that of Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas on Sunday night's Real Housewives of Atlanta episode.


When Cynthia finds herself out of communication with Peter for 10 days while he's managing his bar in Charlotte, North Carolina, it gives the former model a lot of time to stew over their issues. Their last interaction was at the launch of her eyewear collection. Peter stormed off after feeling ganged up on by the other women who questioned a video that allegedly shows him inappropriately touching another woman.

Now that Peter is back from Charlotte, he wants to hash things out, but it's not going to be that easy. Cynthia admits she may have fallen out of love with him and emphasizes that their relationship is in a very, very bad place. While Peter blames a lot of their distance on the fact that they are both ambitious about their careers, Cynthia reminds him that it was his choice to open a bar in an entirely different state.

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Peter is incredibly emotional and pretty much insists they find a way to work things out. Cynthia is willing to give it one more shot but doesn't look hugely optimistic.

It was refreshing to see these two not completely gloss over the issues and offer an honest look at the difficulties of marriage. It looks like this is going to be a major focal point of the season, so we think there are plenty more scenes like these to expect in the coming weeks.


Image via Mark Hill/Bravo

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