Adele's 'Hello' Saves Thanksgiving in Must-See 'SNL' Sketch (VIDEO)

snl adele thanksgiving sketchIt's not often I am a laugh-out-loud person, but while watching Saturday Night Live's "A Thanksgiving Miracle" sketch, I was nearly in tears from laughing so hard. Adele's song "Hello" saves a family from the unavoidable arguments during the holidays.


We can all agree that Adele's "Hello" is much more than just a song that makes us want to cry our eyes out. It's a connector -- it's the song that seems to bring us all together because we all love it. That Democratic cousin. Your Republican brother. Your liberal sister and atheist uncle. If only all the people all over the world could hear it, we can hold hands across the borders with wind in our hair and sing it out loud together. If only ...

Brilliant, SNL. Thank you for saving yourself from that night you had Trump. But we're not going to argue about that, right? We are just going to -- HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIIIIIIIIIDE! I MUST HAVE CALLED A THOUSAND TIIIIIIIMES!

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Bravo to Beck Bennett, Jay Pharoah, Cecily Strong, Aidy Bryant, Kate McKinnon, and Vanessa Bayer -- and we cannot exclude Matthew McConaughey, who did a lovely Adele lip sync. Those nails on everyone! The wind! The outside shots. Perfection.

In times like these, with all the very strong opinions out there, our holiday gatherings are going to be awkward and challenging and could end up with more than just people arguing over who gets to carve the turkey. Thank you, Adele, for releasing 25 at just the right time. And thanks, SNL, for reminding us to have the song "Hello" ready to go when those heated conversations arise.


Image via SNL/YouTube

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