Corey Simms Comes Clean on Whether He 'Stole' His Baby Girl's Name

There's no doubt that Corey and Miranda Simms's baby girl Remington is super adorable, but we've had some questions about her equally-as-adorable name. Apparently, it might have come from a pretty shady place ... but according to her dad? Corey says he didn't get Remi's name from an ex, even though the evidence seems to suggest that he did. 


In case you missed it, shortly after Remi's birth, there were rumors that Corey stole the name from an ex, who also has a daughter named Remington (and who uses the nickname Remi, just like Corey and Miranda do). Since Corey and his ex are still Facebook friends, it sounds pretty plausible that he received a little inspiration from her, right? But Corey's saying that's definitely not what happened. 

"The whole name-stealing bulls—t is pretty funny if you ask me," Corey told Radar Online in response to the rumors. "I guess everyone with the name 'Amy' or 'Nick' is stolen, too. It's sad that in such a stressful time of mine and Miranda's life, we have to deal with such unnecessary drama." 

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If Corey says Remington was a totally unique name that he and Miranda came up with themselves, we'll believe him on that -- even if it is a pretty strange coincidence that his ex's daughter has the same name. But all that matters is that Mom and Dad are happy, right? And Remi is a very cute name. 

Plus, Corey's right -- having a newborn is pretty stressful, especially as he and Miranda now have full custody of Ali and Aleeah, and extra extra especially as Remi has been in the NICU since she was born premature. Here's hoping she comes home soon! 


Image via coreysimms20/Instagram

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