Kaitlyn Bristowe Says Shawn Booth Has Made Her Gain Weight

What is it about being in happy relationships that makes people gain weight? It happens to the best of us -- maybe because we're not worried about getting out there and impressing anyone? And now, it sounds like it's happening to a certain Bachelorette we know. Recently, Kaitlyn Bristowe admitted she's gained weight since settling down with Shawn Booth, which means she may just be human like the rest of us after all. 


It all started with a tweet Kaitlyn posted this week, insinuating that she might have put on a few extra pounds since her Bachelorette days have ended. 

Been there, Kaitlyn!

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But whether or not it was just a joke, we can probably all agree that Kaitlyn looks amazing these days -- and if she has gained weight, we totally can't tell. Besides, it sounds like Shawn has had her in the gym with him these days, so if she's worried about the extra pounds, we're sure they'll come off soon. 

Being engaged looks good on you, Kait! If only we could put on 10 pounds of pure chocolate and look that amazing.


Image via kaitlynbristowe/Instagram

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