Annalise Keating Will Do Anything for Her Squad on 'How to Get Away With Murder'

Viola Davis as Annalise Keating in If you just watched the season two winter finale of How to Get Away With Murder, there's probably a very good chance you're still staring at your television ... asking yourself what the hell you just witnessed. After such a huge buildup surrounding Annalise, her henchmen associates and interns, the Hapstall case, and who shot her, we finally got our answers. Well, kinda.


No matter how crazy she might've acted in the past, and all the drama we saw unfold this season, one thing is very certain: Annalise will do anything for the people she loves -- or at least, likes at the moment.

It took all of five minutes for Annalise to think of a plan that would help save her intern Asher from prison. After Bonnie told her Asher ran over A.D.A. Emily Sinclair in a fit of rage (it probably wasn't a good idea to talk smack about his father ... and then proceed to walk behind his car), Annalise quickly put her law degree to work -- showing all of us why she's the head woman in charge.

Seriously, planning to make Emily's murder look like Catherine Hapstall killed her was a bit genius. Not only would it let Caleb Hapstall off the hook (Michaela, he's hot, girl -- go ahead and handle that), but it would also tie in this Philip character, so he wouldn't be able to retaliate against her team.

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Maybe Annalise felt a bit guilty for turning over secrets about Asher's dad (you know, Judge Millstone), that led him to kill himself. Or, perhaps she really enjoys her interns, and wants them to succeed in life -- even if it means helping to cover up a couple of murders (I hope they got an A for all these extra credit assignments). Annalise did help her crew of students get away with her husband's murder last year, so her plans to stage the "perfect crime scene" really wasn't that far-fetched of an idea.

Sure, she likes to dangle the carrot of blackmail over people's heads from time to time, but deep inside, she just might be a good person (the jury is still out) -- if that makes sense.

This whole season felt like Annalise's redemption story. When everyone seemed to steer clear from her (except Bonnie -- she's the Thelma to her Louise -- and Frank, who is more loyal than Old Yeller), Annalise couldn't help but try to repair broken relationships. She tried to cover up Rebecca's death to protect the Keating 5. She contemplated helping her lover Nate's wife with cancer end her suffering. She was willing to deal with the mysterious Philip, and his potentially deadly bag of tricks.

Annalise Keating might've shown tough love, and a certain level of cruelty in the past, but she does in fact care.

Even if it looks like she burned bridges with her interns (no one wanted to shoot her, or be involved in yet another cover-up), Annalise knew all the right buttons to push on Wes that would make him pull the trigger -- thus looking like someone else committed the sin. Sidenote: Wes, you might want to speak to a campus counselor about why you think it's okay to kill a man, and shoot someone for the sake of "love." You only knew Rebecca for what, a semester? It's time to move on, buddy.

Speaking of Wes, it all makes sense why Annalise has been so interested in him. At one point, you thought she wanted to get her Mrs. Robinson on, but as it turns out, Annalise is tied to his past. Did you have chills when she called Wes by his government name?


Honestly, I thought she was his mother, but after tonight, I'm not so sure how Annalise knows Wes ... but she does. Regardless, she seems very protective of him.

Guess we'll have to wait until spring to find out.

I don't know if I can survive another season of this show. Shonda Rhimes definitely knows how to make your heart race, and hits you with so much emotional content, you can't help but lose your mind.

Annalise Keating definitely has her codependency issues, as she's constantly manipulating people and situations to get her way. I will, however, say she revealed a softer side this season. Her guard was down, and she allowed herself to be vulnerable at times.

Just don't mess with mama bear, or her squad. Annalise isn't afraid to take one for the team.

Viola Davis, you played the wig off this role. I hope you make some room next to your Emmy. You might need the extra space come next year.

 Until next time, folks.



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