Farrah Abraham Shows Off Her Butt in a Furry Bikini (PHOTO)

When we think beach, we don't immediately think "bikini made of stuffed animals," but that's not the case for one Teen Mom star. In fact, this week, Farrah Abraham showed off her butt in her "furkini," so maybe she'll be starting a trend?


On Wednesday, Farrah posted a photo from behind, where she's wearing a bikini made of some kind of light brown and white fur. Since Farrah's known for promoting all kinds of (occasionally weird) products, this didn't phase us much, but a fur swimsuit doesn't sound ideal for getting in the water, does it? Especially not on a hot summer day.

And don't worry -- as Farrah clarifies in her caption, no animals were harmed in the making of this bikini.

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She posted about her suit (and comparing it to the one Kim Kardashian owns) earlier this week, too, so it seems like she's a big fan. If she loves it, we're not judging! OK, maybe a little judging.

We don't always understand her fashion choices, there's one thing we cannot deny: Farrah looks awesome. She's obviously in great shape, and as a bonus, she was having a great hair day when this photo was taken. A+, girlfriend.

Image via farrah__abraham/Instagram


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