Nick Viall & Shawn Booth's Bromance Heats Up Even More

We thought hell would freeze over before this ever happened, but this is real, guys. Nick Viall and Shawn Booth are actually friends -- or they do a good job of faking it. This week, Nick and Shawn visited Movember headquarters together, and even shared a photo that has them looking pretty chummy. 


On Wednesday, Nick shared a photo of him and Shawn with his arms around his ex-nemesis, and it looks like they were actually able to bury the hatchet and become friends in the name of raising money for prostate cancer. Good job, boys!

It looks like their mini mustaches are coming along, too, even though Shawn looks pretty different without his usual scruff. Looking at this picture, it's hard to believe that Shawn would once only refer to Nick as "the other guy." 

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And it's not like they're pretending to be nice for Movember, either. In fact, earlier this week, they were hanging out at an event with Becca Tilley, so maybe they actually did kiss and make up!

Don't get us wrong -- we're pretty sure Nick won't be getting an invite to the wedding or anything, but it's a start. Next, we wanna see them hanging out with Kaitlyn, too! If she and Nick can get along after their brutal breakup, anything can happen.


Image via shawn_booth18/instagram

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