Ben Higgins Couldn't Be More Perfect in New 'Bachelor' Poster (PHOTO)

Even if you're already totally preoccupied by the fact that the holidays are coming up, don't forget that another amazing time of the year is on its way: a brand-new season of The Bachelor. And now, ABC has released a new poster of Ben Higgins as the Bachelor to get us pumped, and it couldn't be more perfect. 


Remember how last year, ABC's tagline for Chris Soules was "Prince Farming"? This year, they're calling our Bach "a perfect Ben," a play on the phrase "a perfect 10." And honestly? Nothing has ever been so appropriate. Just look at him! 

Can we talk about how gorgeous this guy is?! We can't imagine a more perfect Bachelor for this season, and we're so glad that we get to gaze at his face once again as soon as the show returns. We've missed him! 

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Now that we've learned the premiere is less than two months away, we know it'll be here before you know it. And if you've watched the first promo over and over like we have, you're probably counting down the days -- just like we are! 

And as we all already know, the cheesy rose theme is classic for The Bachelor, but Ben actually makes it look good. His 25 women are pretty lucky this season, and we can't wait to find out who he chooses! 

Is it January yet? It hasn't come fast enough! 


Images via ABC

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