Leah Messer's Exes Give Us More Reason to Believe 'Teen Mom 2' Is Fake

Since we weren't born yesterday, it goes without saying that anything you see on reality TV should be taken with a grain of salt -- but is that also true for most of the drama we've seen on Teen Mom 2? New reports say that Leah Messer's exes were encouraged to trash-talk her on camera. Yikes!  


Remember that scene where Jeremy Calvert and Corey Simms grabbed a drink together and talked about Leah? And remember how Leah later tweeted and said that the scene was staged? According to a report from Radar Online, she was right.

Sources tell the site that the scene was scripted by MTV, and that they encouraged Jeremy to bring up things like Leah's drug problem in the conversation. Sneaky, sneaky. 

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The source goes on to explain that editing also changes the show's sequence of events around, too, and that can definitely mess with how things come across to viewers. Not that this is anything new, of course -- ruthless reality editing has been happening since reality shows have been on TV. 

And now that we know the truth, we can't say we blame Leah for getting so upset about how their conversation was portrayed. After all, it's not like it was actually their idea to get together. If the whole thing was contrived, we'd be mad, too, and more than a few Twitter rants would have to happen. 

We're on to you, MTV. But we aren't necessarily complaining. Regardless of their editing techniques, we just can't get enough Teen Mom, drama and all. 


Image via coreysimms20/Instagram

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