Farrah Abraham Makes a Tasteless Hashtag Choice While Selling Her Adult Toys (PHOTO)

Farrah Abraham uses paris hashtagSome people will do anything to get attention! The perennially shameless Farrah Abraham included the hashtag "#prayersforparis" on an Instagram photo she shared in which she's standing in front of a large display of sex toys!


Wow! As the world mourns the victims of yet another devastating terrorist attack, this Teen Mom star's timing seems incredibly tasteless. She's not even posting anything remotely related!

We get that she's in London and, of course, the horrific events are on everyone's mind, but it was just about a month ago that she pulled a similar stunt. Farrah used the hashtag #HurricanePatricia on several of her Instagram posts that had nothing to do with the devastation taking place in Mexico. 

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Sure, she's trying to make a buck at every turn, but her attempts to capitalize on catastrophic events is not winning her any fans. Many were quick to point out that trying to get views by using the heartbreaking, non-related hashtag was "sad" and "disgraceful."

While Farrah might not have intended her post to be viewed that way, promoting your adult toy collection in the same space is a terrible idea. Maybe she should take some of her profits and hire a social media manager?


Image via Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash

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