'Saturday Night Live' Opens Show With Moving Message for People of Paris (VIDEO)

snl cecily strong Holding back tears and showing a lot of emotion, Cecily Strong opened Saturday Night Live with a message for Paris. Strong first spoke in English, then repeated the sentiment in French. It was simple and poignant -- a moving tribute to show support.


It has been reported that at least 129 people have died after the terror attacks in Paris. ISIS has claimed responsibility.

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Paris is indeed the City of Light -- it is a magical place. France is a country that has stood with us -- and we stand with them as well. Even though Strong's words were simple and her tribute was short, it was so incredibly moving. It needed to be said. Out loud. To the world. It is difficult to hold back the tears as we think of those who have died, and the unrest that is going on in this world. We have to be united and stand strong to end this.

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TV shows get criticized all the time -- and SNL isn't immune. Just last week they received a lot of flak for having Donald Trump as the host. Politics aside, SNL has always commented on current events. The way they addressed the Paris attacks was touching, and absolutely necessary.

We have to talk about what happened. We cannot let fear overtake us. We have to live and work together to end terrorism, and we have to do it for the people who have been senselessly killed.

Thank you, Cecily, and thank you, SNL, for saying what we all want to say.


Image via Saturday Night Live / YouTube

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