The Actress Playing Rachel Green in This 'Friends' Scene Is Not Jennifer Aniston …. Whoa! (VIDEO)

Jennifer Aniston 1997We said good-bye to Friends a decade ago (what?!), but that lovable gang of goofballs is still endlessly entertaining. Take, for example, that scene where Jennifer Aniston got replaced by another actress. WUT?


Check it out -- this is supposed to be a shot of Joey, with Jennifer Aniston's character Rachel Green in the background:


Crazy, right? It's a tiny little blip, but it's there! The scene is from an episode in season 9 called "The One With the Mugging." Cosmopolitan says that if you want to check out the episode yourself, it's "right around the 3:20 mark (just after Monica gives her line about the possibility of the monkey being at the audition)."

Oh, Friends. We miss you.

Here's an elaborate dissection of the scene, for further proof:

As another Twitter user pointed out in response to the original Tweet above, there have been other Friends bloopers like this!


And oh yes, it's definitely supposed to be:

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Obviously these are cases of stand-ins accidentally making it into the final cuts, but it's still pretty funny. Friends ... the TV gift that keeps on giving!


Image via © Matthew Mendelsohn/CORBIS

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