Vicki Gunvalson Opens Up About Brooks Ayers's Cancer Lies

This story gets more insane every day! Vicki Gunvalson is maintaining that she truly believed Brooks Ayers had cancer, and admits that she still doesn't quite know what to believe about his illness. According to her, he was acting like he had cancer, so why shouldn't she believe him?


The Real Housewives of Orange County star has been engaging with fans on Twitter to address her role in Ayers's cancer cover-up. Her 53-year-old on-again, off-again boyfriend admitted this week to faking documents related to his purported cancer, but he hasn't copped to faking it. We're still in the dark about that, but his credibility doesn't exactly work in his favor at the moment.

Anyway, Gunvalson says that she's a victim too in all of this. "I believed a man I loved. Who hasn't?" she confessed on social media.

One fan asked how she could be deceived by a man she was living with, and the reality star responded, "I witnessed him sick, losing weight, vomiting after treatments ... He admitted to fake docs. I don't understand."

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She's been pretty consistent in the last couple of days trying to distance herself from her former flame. She responded to another question about how she could believe him with, "It's not about ME or believing me -- this is on him. I have nothing to do what he has pulled regarding med records and his health."

It's interesting that she still won't come out and say whether or not she thinks he actually has cancer. I imagine no folks want to feel they've been hoodwinked so thoroughly. But it is clear she wants everyone to know that she had no part in the deception whatsoever.

I believe her. Who hasn't wanted to believe the best of someone he or she loved?


Image via Rick Davis/Splash News

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