Philip Jessup's True Identity Makes 'How to Get Away With Murder' Unbelievable

How to Get Away With Murder Season 2With the mid-season finale left, How to Get Away with Murder finally gave us the tea on a new player in the game -- who not only happens to be a murder suspect, but is also a long-lost family member.


**Warning -- major spoilers ahead!**

"Hi, I'm Philip."


It's been a minute since we learned about this Hapstall relative, whom we now know has been playing everyone all along. The secret son of Caleb and Catherine Hapstall's murdered aunt Helena, Philip Jessup was put up for adoption when he was a baby, and likely had access to funds Helena stored away in a Cayman Islands account. Philip enjoyed a simple life: working an average job, and staying out of people's way.

...Or so we thought.

Philip might try to play up the clueless role to throw Annalise and her crew off his scent (being a Hapstall, he's in the running to inherit the family fortune), but too many chess moves from this eerie player have come to light. Yeah, he can say who his birth parents are all he wants, but DNA doesn't lie, baby (we'll get to that in a minute).

Aside from pulling an Oliver on Oliver (don't act like you forgot when Philip spied on Connor and Oliver through their own computer ... Creepy!), Philip appears to be very acquainted with his cousin Catherine, as the two met up in secret. Oh yeah, Catherine, now Wes knows about your buddy-buddy relationship with your cousin. You might want to stop giving out your paintings to friends and family.

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All of this was quite juicy, except for one HUGE secret Annalise found out about Philip's past (thanks, Frank!). Um, how about he's the love child of Helena and her brother.

Say what, now?!

All this time, people thought Caleb and Catherine were sleeping together, when in reality, their adopted father and aunt were -- and had a child together. That is just so crazy and twisted on so many levels!

Now that we know who this Philip Jessup really is, we'll see how he plans to "take care" of the situation. With the Hapstall kids (not counting Philip, of course) off the hook for murder, I guess we'll have to wait for Philip's next move. Obviously, he's the brains of the operation (Catherine is too yielding to do anything on her own), knows how to hack into computers, and keeps his identity a secret.

Then again, his DNA was at the scene of the crime. Seems like such a misstep for someone who should know better -- unless he wants to get caught, and go down in some blaze of glory. Did Philip try to reconnect with his mother, find out his uncle was really his father, and go on a killing spree?

Maybe Philip is the one who killed his mom, dad/uncle and his wife. Maybe he shot Annalise (after all, he did say she owes him something). There's no way this secret son who's a byproduct of incest is sent away and just so happens to live nearby when his family is murdered.




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