Kailyn Lowry Can't Seem to Escape Those Divorce Rumors

Man, this girl seems like she's in and out of divorce court every other week, if you believe the rumors about her, so it's no wonder that Kailyn Lowry recently got asked about the status of her marriage to Javi Marroquin.


The Teen Mom 2 star did an interview with Radar Online recently, and given the rocky relationship between Kail and Javi last season on the show, they of course had to ask her how things are going now.

Much better, apparently. Isaac and Lincoln's mom said that they don't fight like they used to, thanks in part to therapy. She said that they're each taking responsibility for themselves, and own up to their own places when they have disagreements, which helps them to "understand each other a lot better."

She also admitted, "We don’t have a whole lot of drama right now and we are just trying to make things work and figure things out."

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It looks like Javi may be staying out of her cell phone these days too, a point of contention between the two on more than one episode. Kail revealed, "Just also having an understanding that we [respect] each other's personal space too kind of helped us."

Having boundaries in any relationship is important, and even more so in marriage. I'm glad these two are making it work, and I hope they keep it up!


Image via MTV

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