Farrah Abraham Grosses Out the Internet by Filming Her Lip Injections (VIDEOS)

Why, Farrah, Why? Farrah Abraham overshared on Twitter with videos of her lips being injected with whatever fillers she's using these days, and we can't un-see it.


The Teen Mom 2 star loves sharing her intimate cosmetic procedure moments with us almost as much as she enjoys getting them (she does them both often enough!) and hasn't seemed to grasp the concept that not all of us want to see this.

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Then again, it is must-see in the same way that we all take a moment to glance at the accident on the freeway that's been slowing down traffic.


Gross! The thing that kills me is that underneath all of that fakeness is a very pretty girl. Too bad Farrah can't seem to recognize it herself.


Image via Photo Image Press/Splash News

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