Jamie Lee Curtis on 'Scream Queens' vs. Her Mom in 'Psycho': Who Played the Terrifying Shower Scene Better? (VIDEOS)

Jamie Lee CurtisHow ... sweet? Jamie Lee Curtis honored her famous mom, Janet Leigh, in a totally perfect way on Scream Queens Tuesday night: By recreating one of Janet's most famous -- and horrifying -- scenes. And it. Was. AWESOME.


You've seen the movie Psycho, right? Even if you haven't, you've probably heard of the shower scene -- it's one of the most famous movie scenes of all time. That's probably why Jamie hasn't wanted to ever tread in those, er, waters before.

"I've avoided the shower -- I've avoided all of it -- for a very long time. I always felt that it was my mother's legacy," Jamie shared with CBS's The Talk.

But somehow, something felt right this time. "Obviously, it was thrilling, it was emotional," Jamie said. "You know, I texted my sister crying ... it's a big deal."


So, how do the two scenes compare? You be the judge! Here's the clip from the original Hitchcock masterpiece:

Ready for more?

Here's Jamie, as her character Dean Cathy Munsch, paying homage on Scream Queens:

It's perfect, right? Down to the zealous neck-washing, the character's thrill at being in the shower (seriously, I wish I loved showering that much!), and that giant showerhead! 

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You'll have to tune into Scream Queens to see just who (or what) exactly was hiding behind the shower curtain. If you dare ...


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