'The Mindy Project': Mindy Kaling Finds Herself Fighting in the 'Mommy Wars'

When you're raising a kid and his or her whole life is at stake, it's easy to get opinionated about things (dare we even mention buzzwords like vaccines, bottle-feeding, or spanking?). But sometimes even the small stuff causes major rifts between moms where it maybe shouldn't, as Mindy Kaling so hilariously learned on this week's Mindy Project


For Min, the rift this week was over preschool -- Mindy Lahiri had gone to public school, and her fiancé, Danny, was a Catholic school boy himself. But with a baby only a few months old, Mindy wasn't even thinking about school yet. 

But then baby Leo went to a music class with fellow babies Sriracha and Gratitude, and Mindy met their moms. These were moms who started thinking about getting their kids into Little Doorways Academy for Ethical Children as soon as the babies took up residence in their moms' wombs.

Little Doorways is the best preschool New York has to offer ("It's the only one with a study abroad program!"), and as soon as the moms dropped the word "exclusive," Mindy's interest was piqued. 

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Then, after various sitcom antics (this time: fake husbands, fake girlfriends, and Leo looking adorable in baby glasses), Mindy came to the realization that she was only chasing this preschool thing because all the other moms said she had to if Leo wanted a chance at success.

The question in this episode wasn't really whether kids need to go to exclusive preschools. The question is whether moms should be pressuring other moms about anything at all and whether these "mommy wars" are a valuable use of anyone's time. 

We can mommy war about this mommy war question too, but it seems pointless. You can breastfeed your kids and send them to private pre-pre-preschools from day one and let them cry it out and they'll probably be just fine. You can fight with the mom who's bottle-feeding and home schooling and co-sleeping, but what's that going to accomplish? These are issues no one's really willing to sway on, and guess what? Their kid is probably going to be fine, too.


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