Brooks Ayers Finally Comes Clean About His Latest Cancer Claim

It looks like someone took a truth pill today. After being called out by E! News, Brooks Ayers admits he faked his cancer medical documents.


Yesterday the news show called into question the papers Brooks showed them, after they scrutinized the hospital logo and other details of the documents. Today Vicki Gunvalson's ex admits he did, indeed, construct those records himself, but that's not to say he doesn't actually have cancer.

He released this statement to E! News:

What I did was wrong and inexcusable. I acted alone, without Vicki's knowledge, to produce documents for a reality TV show in hopes of putting doubts about my cancer to rest. I never intended to disclose my actual medical records or details about my private and personal medical history, thus the rationalization of presenting documents that weren't true simply for a 'storyline' for the show.

Basically, Brooks is still standing by his declaration that he has cancer -- he's just not going to show anyone the real documents.

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Look, as sketchy as this guy might be, he really doesn't owe it to anyone to show them his personal medical records. It is a major invasion of privacy. With that being said, coming up with some scam with those papers wasn't the brightest idea either. What's the fastest way to lose someone's trust? Lie. And that's exactly what he keeps doing.

We sincerely hope Brooks gets medical help for whatever it is he needs treated, be it cancer or anything else that might be preventing him from living a healthy, honest life.


Image via Roshan Perera/Splash News
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