Leah Messer Accused of Stealing From Her Own Kids' Trust Funds

This is one of those things we are hoping is completely untrue! According to recent reports, it looks like Leah Messer may have stolen money from her kids' trust funds. And the accusations couldn't come at a worse time for the Teen Mom 2 star.


A source revealed to In Touch that Leah has "borrowed" $50,000 or more from twins Ali and Aleeah's trust funds, and that Corey Simms has a court date set up already to demand that she put it back.

The 23-year-old was accused last December of stealing nearly $50,000 from her disabled daughter Ali's trust fund, and now she's allegedly dipped into Aleeah's as well. The money was supposedly used to help her mom Dawn buy a house, and fund Leah's purported $600/month pill-popping habit.

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Leah claimed at the time that the money had just been moved to a different account, and she never admitted to the drug problem, despite spending a month late last spring in a treatment facility.

The source told In Touch, "Corey is taking Leah to court ... He is furious that she took that money ... Corey is going to do whatever he can to make sure" that she returns the money.

We're just hoping that the girls' money is all safe and sound for their future. Leah just recently lost full custody of Ali and Aleeah, and this doesn't look good if she's going to move forward with her plans to try to get it back.

Image via Leah Messer's Official Fan Page/Facebook

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