The Next 'Bachelorette' Could Be Selena Gomez If She Has Anything to Say About It

When your love life seems hopeless, there's only one way to find the man of your dreams: reality television. Or, you know, maybe not, but one star is considering it. Reportedly, Selena Gomez wants to date on a show like The BacheloretteWait, what?


According to a report from OK! magazine, Selena wants to develop a reality show of her own where she could date men in the style of The Bachelorette, because she's "tired" of trying to find the perfect guy through more traditional means.

Apparently, the "Same Old Love" singer wants to put Justin Bieber behind her and hold auditions for 20 or so guys before dating them so she can figure out if they're compatible or not before getting emotionally invested. Sounds wise, but this is a lot of work to find love!

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A source close to Sel says that the show would be a "ratings killer" if it happens, so it doesn't really matter if she actually finds love or not. Hmm. Is this really necessary? 

Besides, Selena is a little young to give up hope on happily ever after. At 23, she has plenty of time to be single before settling down. Maybe then she can join The Bachelorette. Hey, Chris Harrison isn't a bad guy to have in your corner on the journey to finding love! 


Image via selenagomez/Instagram

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