Brooks Ayers Is Exposed as a Liar -- by the Hospital Where He Claimed He Was Treated

Brookys AyersIn an interesting revelation for Real Housewives of Orange County fans, it turns out Brooks Ayers wasn't treated at City of Hope for cancer.


In fact, the hospital tells E! News that they have never treated a patient by the name of David Brooks Ayers for anything at all, which throws a major wrench into his entire story.

When the reality star sat down with the entertainment news program just after the last installment of the RHOC reunion aired, he shared some pretty convincing documents with them. The papers appeared to be invoices from the City of Hope for his cancer treatments dating back to January.

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If the hospital's comment that they've never treated him isn't cause enough to believe he could be fibbing, E! News also points out some discrepancies in the papers he showed them, like the fact that the trademark next to City of Hope on his documents is the type that would show up if you googled for the hospital's logo. Apparently the same trademark doesn't appear on actual hospital stationery.


This doesn't look good for Brooks, whose integrity has already been called into question. And look at E! getting all Meghan King Edmonds on us and doing some investigating. Personally we think they should hire her for their research department. That girl knows her stuff.

Still, it feels like this witch hunt should end. There's little Brooks can do at this point to change public opinion about him -- and it's going to be difficult for him to dupe anyone else in the future, given how widespread this story has gotten. If he is sick, hopefully he gets the help he needs. And if he isn't, shame on him.


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