You Can't Un-See Adam Lind's Disturbing New Tattoo (PHOTO)

He's done some pretty creepy things in the past, but Adam Lind's newest NSFW tattoo may take the cake for topping the list of his troubling behavior. It seems to be some demonic version of his ex-girlfriend and baby mama Chelsea Houska.


Not kidding. I wish I was. Take a look at this piece of body art and judge for yourself.

I can't even. While obviously Chels is gorgeous, and this creature is hideous, it sort of looks like how Adam might see her. His disdain for her over the years has shown through loud and clear ... not to mention there's that signature red hair!

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You know, for someone trying to show more responsibility to get more custody of his daughter (currently he only has limited visitation with 6-year-old Aubree), you'd think he'd think twice before getting a nude, demonic tattoo that resembled that child's mother in any way.

But Adam's never really been one for thinking things through.


Image via adamjoelind/Instagram

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