Kaitlyn Bristowe & Shawn Booth Reportedly Caught in a Big Fight

There may be trouble brewing in paradise. Fans are questioning whether Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth are fighting after they were spotted doing something a little unusual in a car.


One quick look at either Kaitlyn or Shawn's social media accounts proves neither is in any danger of waking up single tomorrow — I mean, Shawn recently did Kaitlyn's makeup for their date night, they spent a night sleeping on the streets of Vancouver to raise money for the homeless population, and they're traveling to Germany together to shop at the Christmas markets. This doesn't sound like a couple in trouble. But one fan pointed out that she and Shawn didn't sit next to each other in a car recently, leading some to believe they were possibly fighting.

Kaitlyn quickly put that rumor to bed:

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Perhaps because so much gossip revolved around the couple when they first got together after the Bachelorette finale, it's natural to feel skeptical that they will last. Remember when we learned that Shawn was green with envy over Kaitlyn and Nick Viall's relationship and was finding it difficult to get past it? Or when Shawn's dad reportedly came out and said he didn't think they'd last? There was no end to speculation that they weren't the real deal.

But the former dance instructor and her personal trainer fiancé have proven they really enjoy each other's company and are committed to creating a lasting relationship. They both gave her hometown of Vancouver a go by living there for a while and are now compromising by settling down in Nashville for a bit. They speak of each other in glowing terms and have said they plan on setting a wedding date after the new year. I'll admit it's easy to be turned off by their constant displays of affection, but I'm finally convinced their PDA is sincere.

And besides, so what if they have a rift in their relationship from time to time? They should fight from time to time — as long as they communicate and resolve their issues, it will only make them a stronger couple. 


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