Farrah Abraham's Makeup-Free Look Is Anything but Natural (PHOTO)

Ah yes, the makeup-free celeb selfie ... some are delightfully refreshing, others seem to be using the term "barefaced" with some liberty, and then there's this girl, whose latest selfie looks awkwardly done-up. Farrah Abraham shared a natural photo of herself, and while she has on about three tons less makeup than she normally wears, she doesn't exactly look "natural."


Late last week, the Teen Mom OG star shared a series of photos looking way more fresh-faced than normal.

While she does look mostly makeup-free, the posing just makes this so unnatural. And then you read the comments ... and the majority of them are asking about her boobs and what size implants she has. Remember, she just recently got them done for the third time. She's 24.

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It's great that Farrah is dropping some of the makeup, but we're still waiting for her to stop altering her appearance with cosmetic surgery every other month. And encouraging her young daughter to get it. It's just ... weird.

Farrah does look pretty here. I just wouldn't call it a natural look.


Image via farrah _abraham/Instagram

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