Watch This & Learn Something About Bras You Never Knew (VIDEO)

Drunk History invention of the braIt's an essential article of clothing that you probably rely upon (and are maybe tortured by?) every day, but do you know anything about your bra's inventor? Comedy Central's Drunk History and Parker Posey are here to teach you all about the teenager who whipped up the first bra out of two handkerchiefs, saving us all from a lifetime of whalebone corsets!


Yes, ladies, apparently we have a sassy 19-year-old, one Mary Phelps Jacob, to thank for the modern bra. On Tuesday, November 10, you can watch the one and only Parker Posey hilariously reenact Jacob's brainwave invention and subsequent patenting of the brassiere (despite the patent officer's failure to at first comprehend the importance of being able to "lift and separate"!). (Men!)

As actress Paget Brewster tells it, one day in 1910, Jacob was getting ready to go to a debutante ball, and she just couldn't stand her corset one moment longer!

"I've got this beautiful silk dress, and I have to put this dumb piece of s--t on," she cries. "Stupid corset!"

Being totally over it (as anyone who has ever attempted to wear Spanx can understand), Jacob asks her maid for two handkerchiefs, some silk cording, ribbons, and a sewing kit.

The rest is ... well, you know. Check out this great clip from the show:

Who knew?! I think we all need to start saying, "My boobles are free to roam!"

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Comedy Central's Drunk History airs Tuesdays at 10:30 p.m. ET. Ironically, that's right about the time I'm ready to whip off my bra, breathe in a sigh of relief, and settle in for a comfy night on the couch!


Image via Drunk History

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