Andi Dorfman May Have a New Special Someone in Her Life

Since splitting up with Josh Murray last year, Andi Dorfman has stayed single -- at least, as far as we know. But is that all about to change? According to Wetpaint, the former Bachelorette star recently talked to a numerologist who noticed Andi has been dating a lot recently


As the site reports, during a recent Hulu event, Andi had the chance to get a reading done, and during their session, the numerologist realized she's done a lot of dating recently. And not only that, but also that in the near future, she's going to find someone to settle down with. Exciting, right?!

It's good news to hear, especially since Andi's taken such a long time to be in a relationship again since her last one. Not that we blame her, of course -- she just dated 25 guys on TV a year ago. Give the girl a break! 

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For a while, it was rumored that Andi and Bachelor host Chris Harrison were actually seeing each other, but it seems like that tall tale has been squashed. Not that they wouldn't make a great couple, though, but they definitely seem to be enjoying each other's company as friends. 

Whoever Andi dates eventually is going to be a great guy (we hope). And we're with the numerologist on this one -- 2016 is going to be her year!


Image via andi_dorfman/Instagram

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