Becca Tilley Disses Chris Soules by Making Fun of Their Relationship

This shouldn't come as a shock to anybody, but it turns out Bachelor runners-up don't exactly come away from the experience wanting to be BFFs with the people who rejected them. Case in point: Becca Tilley, who dissed Chris Soules over the weekend. 



If you watched last season, Becca was runner-up to Whitney Bischoff, who Chris ended up choosing at the end of the season. Their relationship didn't last, though, and now, it seems like Becca's over it -- and so is her friend and former costar Ashley Iaconetti. 

Becca and Ashley spent the weekend laughing at fan-made videos about Becca and Chris's relationship on YouTube and documented it for their followers on Snapchat. According to Enstarz, Becca thought the clips were pretty funny, which is way better than the alternative! 

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One of the videos they watched was this one, to give you an idea of what they were laughing at: 

It's good to see that Becca's able to laugh, especially since it doesn't sound like things worked out between her and Ben Higgins, either. Becca's an awesome girl, though, and she deserves someone just as amazing. We know she'll find him! 


Image via beccatilley5/Instagram

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