Alison's Pregnancy Isn't the Only Jaw-Dropper on 'The Affair'

alison on the affairWe've known as far back as the season one finale that Alison and Noah have a baby together, thanks to the flash-forward scenes. Just when and how was their little girl conceived? As it turns out -- surprise, surprise -- not under the most romantic, planned circumstances. 


But Alison telling Noah she's pregnant was actually only one of four major, game-changing moments in last night's ep.

1. Martin's been sicker than anyone realized. Although Helen's mom, Margaret, has been droning on and on that the teen's GI issues are psychosomatic and triggered by his father, we found out that he's actually suffering from Crohn's disease. It took his getting extremely sick at a Yankees game (with Noah by his side) and then rushed to the ER and a surgery for a perforated bowel in order for everyone to get on the same page about what has been torturing the poor kid. 

The incident drove Helen to tell Noah that he's an "excellent father," and she wants to stop fighting, and put an end to this exhausting, painful divorce. She'll give him co-custody -- and the ability to see Alison, have her move into his place, have her around the kids, etc. Whoa. Seems like a rapid change of heart, sure, but I believe that in a moment of devastation like this, sitting by your child's bedside at the hospital, fearing that he may have actually died, a contentiously divorcing couple like Helen and Noah would be able to make peace. And it makes even more sense given Helen's big epiphany ...

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2. Helen has had it with her mother. While sitting in a meeting with the family lawyer Jon Gottlief to talk about the custody battle, Margaret and Bruce couldn't help but completely tear into each other. Fast-forward to the heart-wrenching drama with Martin at the hospital, and Helen realizes that Margaret's been taking her bitterness out on her, twisting her perspective on not just Martin's condition but her marriage to Noah. 

It's one thing to realize that your parent is taking their psychological baggage out on you and your family; it's quite another to confront them and kick them out of your house -- especially when they just found out that they're getting divorced. But that's exactly what Helen does to her mom, and while it's sad, Margaret has never been all that sympathetic, so you kinda can't help but cheer. Especially because it was a sign Helen is ready to stick up for herself and her kids and not let herself get run over by her parents anymore. Bravo to that!

3. Oscar's baaaackIn the flash-forward scene at the end of Helen's POV, we see her meeting with Gottlief to discuss Noah's trial. The lawyer informs her that he's come across someone who claims to have "a piece of evidence that could blow [Noah's] case wide open." The hitch: He wants $100K to bring it forward. Yup, it's Alison's smarmy former boss from the Lobster Roll, Oscar. Not loving that Helen's happy to sell her house or do whatever it takes to pay him for that evidence ... The guy has never seemed like someone we can trust.

4. Alison's pregnant ... and it may not be Noah's. Sometime after that tender, tear-filled reunion with Cole last week (and, well, six weeks ago, in the show's current time line), Alison went to the Sousanna Institute with her Reiki practitioner mama Athena and has been taking yogi training courses, working in the kitchen, and hanging out with other enlightened and sometimes naked folk (one of whom is The Perfect Storm author Sebastian Junger). She's "in the light," as her mom puts it to Noah, but Noah's only interested in springing her from what he sees as an escape from reality and getting her back to the next chapter of their lives.

You'd think that means he sees her as his partner, but all signs point to his seeing her more as he describes her in Descent: as a sex object. This is illustrated most painfully by a fight between the two that turns into Noah pulling Alison's pants down and taking her from behind in the woods. It's not until then (and after a couple of quick closeups of her slightly rounded belly) that she tells him, "I'm pregnant."

Cut to her sleeping in his bed while he finishes the ending that his editor Harry wanted all along -- the ending that has been haunting him over the past several episodes. It's his character driving down a dark, misty road, enraged, troubled, and running someone over -- who, just before he strikes, reveals herself to be Alison.

So much for what Noah tried to reassure his "paramour": that if she would read the conclusion of his book, she'd know they end up together -- happy.


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