Leah Messer Fires Back at Miranda Simms's Hateful Comments

It's probably safe to say that Leah Messer and Miranda Simms are never going to be besties ... especially after the custody battle between Corey and Leah. And now, it looks like they're taking their beef to Twitter. Leah responded to Miranda calling her delusional, and it definitely seems this war is far from over. 


It all started when Leah came clean about cheating with Corey, and Miranda sub-tweeted Leah about it on Twitter, as you do when drama is amping up big-time. Miranda's account is currently private, but according to OK!, Miranda wrote, "I would hate to be that miserable & delusional. I'll definitely be praying for you." Ouch! 

And of course, Leah responded -- or so we think, since it came in the form of another sub-tweet.  

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Of course, it's hard to blame Miranda for feeling sassy since Leah did just tell the world that she slept with Miranda's husband ... but it's also hard to blame Leah for wanting to fight back against Miranda's criticism. She's going through a lot right now! 

And there's also the (relatively unlikely) chance that Leah's tweet had nothing to do with what Miranda said. Who knows?!

Sigh. Hopefully, they'll be able to get along better soon. If Ali and Aleeah are going to be spending most of their time at Corey's, it would be in Leah's best interest to get the couple on her good side for the sake of the girls! 

Image via coreysimms20/Instagram

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