Some of 'Bachelor' Ben Higgins's Ladies Have a Pretty Questionable Past

Now that it's November, we're that much closer to the premiere of The Bachelor in January, and if you're anything like us, you've been all over the spoilers as they come out. But now that Ben Higgins's roster of women has hit the Internet, it's time to do some digging. And unfortunately, some of Ben's ladies have shady pasts.


Thanks to a list compiled by OK! magazine, it sounds like some of the contestants have gotten into a bit of trouble in the past! The dirt that's been dug up ranges from an excessive amount of traffic violations, to ladies who may not be there for "the right reasons." 

The mag calls out Emily and Haley Ferguson (aka this season's resident twins) as attention seekers because they've appeared on other reality shows before -- and it also mentions that contestant Amanda Stanton owes more than $2,000 in traffic tickets. Yikes! 

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And as for Olivia Caridi? Apparently her career as an anchorwoman means she's fame seeking, since a source close to Olivia says she's "fake." 

Even so, we're going to wait until The Bachelor premieres in January to make our official judgment call on these ladies. After all, their offenses are pretty mild ... and we also don't have the whole story. 

Two more months to go, guys. We can do this! 


Image via ABC

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