Kim Zolciak Was Grateful to Be Home With Her Kids When She Had a Stroke

In a candid new interview, Kim Zolciak shares details of her stroke and the important role her children played in coming to her rescue. If the episode had happened just a few hours earlier, the reality star could have been in an even more dire situation.


Kim told People she had just returned to her Atlanta home from Dancing with the Stars rehearsals. When she attempted to give her son KJ a hug, she started to feel her limbs go numb. Kim had to muster up strength to grab onto her daughter Brielle's arm in an attempt to let her know that something was very, very wrong.

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We're so thankful that despite enduring a horrific experience, Kim was surrounded by loved ones who could help her during the frightening episode. We can't imagine how much more terrifying it would have been if she had been alone in Los Angeles or, even worse, driving a car at the time.

This experience has really offered a more human side to Kim, whose always glammed-up, over-the-top personality is fun but sometimes a bit hard to relate to. We're so glad her surgery was a success, as the mom of six can go back to living her everyday life.


Image via Jose Perez/Splash News

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