Nathan Griffith Has Some Nerve Calling CPS on Jenelle Evans

You have to be freaking kidding me! Nathan Griffith called CPS on Jenelle Evans recently, and the whole thing seems entirely jealousy-induced. Note to Nate -- you're the one who broke up with her, remember?


So Jenelle has been living large in St. Thomas with new boyfriend David Eason for the past week or so (you know, the same exact place where Nate proposed last January ... but she's not rubbing it in his face or anything), and she left her toddler son Kaiser at home.

So Nate called CPS. Because apparently moms are never allowed to leave the country without their children. Unless they're with Nate, of course. #HeadDesk

According to Radar Online, Kai's daddy called Child Protective Services when he found out that Jenelle had left their son in the care of her BFF and roommate Tori Rhyne.

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The authorities checked in and found nothing wrong with the tyke, and Tori reportedly told them that Nate doesn't even have custody of his son. According to another source, CPS called Jenelle in St. Thomas and said they wanted to talk to her when she got back, but that everything looked fine to them.

We're not sure if it's related to the incident or not, but it seems as though Kaiser is staying with Jenelle's mom Barbara (and presumably big brother Jace) for the remainder of her vacation.

Smooth move, Nathan. Getting angry and making stuff up is totally the mature thing to do. 


Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

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